Best BBQ in Kansas City Anthony Bourdain Would Agree

Kansas City MO RestaurantLocated in a gas station on the corner of Mission Road and 47th Avenue is Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.  The owners are Joy and Jeff Stehney who got the barbecue bug in 1990 when they attended their first barbecue contest.  Not only did they have a great time, they got hooked on the smells and atmosphere.

Soon after, they purchased a competition-style smoker.  They rallied up some fellow barbecue lovers and formed a competitive team called the Slaughterhouse Five.  They started entering contests and over the years most times took home trophies.  This led to them catering events and were soon asked if they would consider opening a restaurant.

In 1996 they got the opportunity to open Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que in a local gas station.  It originally had a little fried chicken counter which closed and the Stehney’s thought it would be an excellent place to open their barbecue restaurant and they lived close by, so it was easy to put in long hours.

 One of the ways they became popular was when a customer began to talk about them on the radio.  He had a favorite sandwich which consisted of smoked provolone cheese, smoked brisket and a couple of onion rings doused in barbecue sauce and served on a Kaiser roll.  They soon named it the Z-Man after the DJ who encouraged people to stop by and try one.  Their hard work has paid off as they have well over ten thousand reviews on the internet with a 4.7-star rating.

Slap’s BBQ is located at 553 Central Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas.  It was founded by two brothers, Joe and Mike Pearce who had been barbecuing in their back yards for years.  They decided to start a competitive barbecue team in 2013 which they called Squeal Like a Pig BBQ. Kansas City Missouri Restaurant

After competing for a year and winning awards, they decided to open Slap’s BBQ in 2014.  When they first started up, they had hundreds of pounds of meat and would sell out completely before the end of the day.  So, they upped their meat order and still they sell out before the end of the day.  

They still compete in the KCBS barbecue circuit and will do 25-35 events a year.  This helps them hone their skills and has earned them over four thousand positive posts giving them a strong 4.7-star rating.  

Kansas City MO Restaurant PhotoArthur Bryant’s Barbeque is not only famous for their amazing barbecue, but they are also known for their barbecue sauce.  Located at Brooklyn and 18th in Kansas City, Missouri, the original owner, Charlie Bryant was considered the King of Ribs.  He got his start working for Henry Perry who taught him his secrets of great barbecue.  The place is so legendary that former Presidents have made it a point to stop in when they are in Kansas City.

When Charlie’s brother, Arthur, came to visit he never left.  Charlie passed away so Arthur took over the business he moved the restaurant to where it is now and renamed it Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque.  The restaurant was only four blocks from the Municipal Stadium that was home to baseball and football teams.

Since it was so close to the stadium people from all over flocked to the restaurant before and after games.  It was declared the best barbecue restaurant in the world by Playboy Magazine.  They have a 4.4-star rating with over six thousand reviews online.

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