Advice For Mending My Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

You wanted to be sure your concrete garage floor would have protection, so you put down epoxy garage floor paint. It’s looking great, and just looking at it makes you happy. You never thought garage flooring would make such a difference. Then, something horrible happens (cue the horror movie shrieking). Your epoxy garage floor coating takes a hit! Luckily for you, it’s not all that hard to fix a crack or chip when it comes to epoxy garage floors.

Preparing An Epoxy Painted Floor To Be Repaired

The first thing you need to do is clean the area that needs to be prepared. You’ll want to get rid of dirt, but there will also likely be some sort of grease or oil, even if you don’t work on your car in your garage. Cars are funny like that, even brand new ones. If nothing else, tires track some pretty nasty stuff onto your garage floor coating. Luckily, since epoxy paint is designed to resist damage from chemicals, it’s also pretty good at taking a thorough cleaning. Although there are cleaners that are specifically designed for epoxy, dish soap works just as well and is much easier on your hands. Don’t just clean the damage, either. Be sure to clean a wide area around the damaged spot as well.

Removing The Offending Section

Just filling the affected area would be a bad idea as it would be very obvious. Paint in general, and epoxy is no exception, fades over time, and changes color. On cars, you can just blend the new and old paint with a scratch removal product or a clay bar. Epoxy, though, resists chemicals, which means that won’t work. To blend epoxy paints, you’ll have to remove a large-ish area so that the new paint isn’t so obvious. A good hobby knife or a box cutter can be used for this. Cut a few inches around the area, or even more if the area is exceptionally obvious, like right in the middle of your floor. Once you’ve cut, use a blow dryer to warm the area until it starts to soften, and remove the paint with a newish, sharp paint scraper.

Oxygen Is Important

Now that you have a mostly bare area, you can begin repairing the floor. Use the directions that are included with your epoxy kit, as well as some common sense regarding the fact that you’re working with a small area. Make sure that you also hit the edges where the affected area touches the old paint, bleeding over at least a little bit, to blend the new and old colors. Most importantly, make sure that your garage in Sioux Falls is ventilated any time that you are using an epoxy garage floor coating. Human lungs don’t care for epoxy fumes.

Preventing The Need For Repairs In The Future

Next time you’re working in your garage, use a garage floor mat! Anything that happens once is likely to happen again. Any garage floor covering will prevent this from happening, and small mats for where you are working aren’t very expensive. The next time you drop a tool, you’ll be very glad that you got some extra protection. Epoxy garage floor coatings look great and are very durable, but they are not indestructible.