What are the Responsibilities of a Hood Cleaner?

Hood cleaners now have more responsibilities than ever before. With all the new laws and code changes that have already been instilled in the NFPA 96 codes and standards. Even now as you read this they are undergoing changes to the code from how long it is between cleanings to how many feet in between panels. The bottom line is after a certified kitchen exhaust cleaning company places a sticker of compliance on your kitchen exhaust systems hood, we become responsible for it. This is a huge liability and as such has sent many companies out to look for other services to make money from.

kitchen hood

The companies that remain have the burden of telling the owners of the cooking establishments that the non-compliances need to be brought to code and that it is their responsibility to report them if they do not do it. This puts our companies in a very bad place. Here we are trying to get new clients yet we have to report the ones that have non-compliances. How are we suppose to get ahead in business if we must report new clients?

Well, that is the way the laws and codes have been written. It puts us in a place no one should be in.

These new codes do have some good benefits though such as a certified technician in Atlanta is required to stay at the job site for the duration of the job. This makes it so one company can not just have on the licensed technician and all the other employees just put the certification number on the sticker.

It also has the benefit of giving the certified technicians a value in employment. It is now a career not a job to be a licensed hood cleaner.

kitchen hood

Even with all these new laws in place unfortunately there are still some companies who slip through the cracks. The companies who look the other way if you have a problem with a compliance issue will be out of business in no time flat. So if they are letting these things go by, by all means, let them. Eventually, you will have a fire and your restaurant will be ruined and their company will be out of business. Hopefully, nobody dies in the fire.


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