Hood Cleaning of Charlotte Reviews 3 Seafood Restaurants Around Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte NC Restaurant PhotoROCKSALT – Charlotte is located at 512 Brandywine Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Owner, Travis Croxton, has worked for decades in the restaurant business across the country. His experience taught him that the best chefs in restaurants demand that most of the food is delivered fresh from local farmers.

Travis and his cousin, Ryan Croxton, own several small clam and oyster farms. They use ecologically friendly techniques for harvesting which has resulted in them being credited for rebuilding the oyster industry in Virginia before opening ROCKSALT – Charlotte.

Travis has been recognized by many publications as an entrepreneur under forty. His ambition has paid off with ROCKSALT – Charlotte as he has garnered over three hundred reviews on the internet with a strong four-plus-star rating.

Owner of Sea Level NC, Paul Manley, had dreamed of opening this restaurant for more than six years. He spent years opening and designing seafood oyster bars and restaurants and realized many of them were not getting oysters that were safe and consistent.Charlotte NC Restaurant Seafood

Paul spent more than two years meeting the North Carolina shrimpers, scientists, farmers, aquaculture specialists and other “waterman”. He created partnerships with clam and oyster farmers locally to grow the clams and oysters to use in the restaurant. He also had specific ways he wanted these shellfish to be harvested. When Paul opened his restaurant, he put is at 129 E 5th Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Paul’s dedication to serve only farm to fork oysters grown in North Carolina has gained his restaurant a reputation for amazing oysters on a half shell and cooked oysters. He has nine hundred world wide web evaluations which has earned him a four-point-five-star rating.

Charlotte North Carolina RestaurantDeep Sea Seafood Market is located at 10020 Monroe Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Not only do they make some amazing seafood dishes, they sell fresh fish and seafood for those who prefer to cook their own meal.

Owner, Larry Mesili, was working with eight restaurants in Manhattan as the Director of Operations. He was tired of paying the high taxes in that state, so he decided to move to Charlotte where he, along with his wife Terry, opened Deep Sea Seafood Market.

They have struck a chord with the locals both as a market and a restaurant. Their catfish Po-Boy or grilled tuna sandwich are not to be missed. Clientele can dine-in or take-out, but they sure like to give them great posts online giving them a four-and-one-half-star rating.

For years commercial kitchens in and around Charlotte, North Carolina have used Hood Cleaning of Charlotte. They have highly trained technicians that do professional hood cleaning in any commercial kitchen. Restaurants are not the only place a commercial kitchen resides, they are in schools, long term care facilities, hospitals, hotels and more.

Some places think the hood cleaning can be performed by their employees. However, many fire marshals over the years have told these places they need to get their hood professionally cleaned or they will shut their business down. If an employee was not properly trained in hood cleaning, they may not clean the filters, or get all of the grease and grime out of the duct work. Many times, they do not even think about getting up on the roof to clean out the turbine. If grease is not removed completely there is the possibility of fire danger.