Driftwood Kitchen Laguna Review

What can I say – the Driftwood Kitchen & Stateroom Bar was a total awesome event for our family.  Once we had arrived, we knew that we were in for a totally unique culinary experience.  The establishment prides themselves on the ability to make you feel as if you are literally dining in the ocean.  The evening that we were there, the sunset was simply amazing.

Our initial welcome as we entered the restaurant was very friendly.  The host quickly verified our reservation and told us that we should enjoy a cocktail in the bar as our table would be ready shortly.  That’s exactly what we wanted to do as we did arrive a bit early.  The bar area was so quaint and really had that true beach feel about it.  The service was perfect and the bartender assisted us to create a perfect space for us.  I can’t say enough about the handcrafted cocktails that really gave us the sense that we were there to relax, unwind and enjoy the Pacific Ocean.  The views were breathtaking and enjoyable as we wind down the end to another day in Laguna.

Once our table was ready, the hostess assisted us with our cocktails as she escorted us to our amazing table located right next to the ocean.  Not only was the table perfect, but the sunset was just blasting out that beautiful orange glow as it usually does in Laguna Beach.

When the menus were delivered we were really quite surprised to see the diversity of the items available.  There were soups and salads, small plates that were mostly appetizers and larger portions for the hungry.  My husband and I are famous for ordering a soup or salad and several appetizers versus the traditional larger plate meals so this place was perfect for our eating habits.  My eye quickly went to the butternut squash soup that had been delivered to the table next to us so of course I wanted to order that.  My husband ordered the cluster tomato salad to basically split both items with each other.

As I said earlier, we are not fans of larger portions so we were happy to have so many small plate options.  I have to say that we chose probably the two most popular small plate items the restaurant has to offer, or at least our favorites.  We split the Yellowfin Tuna tacos, the dungeness crab cake and fried brussel sprouts with cranberries.  What an amazing combination these items turned out to be.  All the flavors were robust and really popped.  I think the Yellowfin tacos were by far superior but the other items were enjoyable as well.

If you are ever in Laguna Beach and you want some great atmosphere, superior service and delicious food you need to check out the Driftwood Kitchen.  You will be glad that you did.  One suggestion would be to make sure that you had a reservation as the place is popping come happy hour and dinner.

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