Review of Red Mesa Restaurant in St. Petersburg FL

My husband and I decided to visit Florida to see if we wanted to move there.  We stayed in a small red train caboose on a beautiful estate just outside of Tampa.

Our friends at Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros recommended we go to Red Mesa Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida for great Mexican food.  It was a great recommendation as the not only was the atmosphere awesome the food was great.

Their diverse menu features food not only from all parts of Mexico, they serve Latin Food.  The Central American dishes are rich and tasteful.

Tampa FL RestaurantChief Executive Officers and Founders, Peter and Shawn Veytia started Red Mesa Restaurant in 1995.  The inspiration was from Shawn’s Mexican grandmother who made some of the most amazing dishes.

Pete comes from a long history in the hospitality industry.  He started working in his parents restaurant at a young age and continued that career as he grew.

Along with their two children, Dana and Pete III they run the family business with pride.  Their Executive Chef, Chris Fernandez has been with them since they opened their doors.

Prior to dinner, we sat at their beautiful Red Mesa Sangria Bar.  Their White and Red Sangrias are famous in the area and are popular with the locals because of their rich selection of fruit and spices.