Palm Tree Trimming Tips for Las Vegas

This is an informative article in regards to palm tree trimming in Las Vegas, NV.  You see, I am on the home owners association (HOA) in my lovely community here in Henderson, NV.  Henderson is just about 2 minutes from the actual Las Vegas area.  Basically, we are about a community of just over 300,000 people.  I really love our community here at Resort Villas as it has one of the best landscapes of any community I’ve seen here in the desert of southern Nevada.  Everything is always green and maintained with great care.  We actually have over 800 palm trees on our plot of land that boasts single family homes as well as condos with attached garages.  With that being said, our HOA board has to send out bids twice per year for our extensive palm tree trimming project.  The single family owners that have private back yards are responsible for all of their palm tree trimming needs at their own expense.las vegas palm tree trimming

Our board is really on top of the maintenance of our community and that is why it looks so gorgeous all of the time.  Once the bids are done and we’ve selected our palm tree trimming company, that is when it gets crazy in our property.  All of the home and condo owners are always extremely patient during the palm tree trimming process.  There are cranes and tons of personnel that is needed to pull off this large of a job.  If that isn’t enough, the dead palm fronds are flying through the air and sometimes landing where they shouldn’t.  The palm tree trimming company is always extremely cautious to make sure and block off a large area where the work is being done so that no one is ever in danger.

You can probably imagine that with over 800 large palm trees in the community that the palm tree trimming process can really make a mess.  In fact, it is part of that process that the company provide a large shredding machine on site so that the palm tree trimming particles can be shredded down and easily removed.

Palm trees are very beautiful to say the least but they require a substantial amount of maintenance.  With having over 800 palm trees, the palm tree trimming maintenance is one of our largest budgeted items every year.  We have to make sure that especially around the pool area that the trees are always trimmed.  One year we didn’t get the palm trees trimmed around the pool in the spring time and during the summer they really wreaked havoc on our pool.  Dead seeds and the flowers that come from palm trees that are not maintained cause serious chemical issues to a pool area.  It is extremely important to keep the palm tree trimming process up to date around a pool.palm tree trimming las vegas nevada

Other reasons to keep the trees maintained appropriately is to keep things like rodents who find the dead areas of the palm trees to be a perfect nest.  Not just rodents but other pests like bee hives and scorpions just love palm trees that haven’t been trimmed.  They serve as a shelter to weather and other elements making a perfect place to call home for many critters.

We have been happy with the company that provides our palm tree trimming and even though we have to send out bids each time, we always end up back with Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros.  Not only do they provide excellent service with our palm trees, but they assist with other trees and tree removal.  They are really an awesome company to work with.

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