Three Great Burger Joints by Washington DC Hood Cleaning

Hamburgers are great.  Just think about how you can fit all the food groups in the middle of one bun.  There’s the meat, then you have veggies and of course starch.  Today I am reviewing three hamburger joints in Washington, DC.

Washington DC Restaurant ImageFishScale serves only burgers with fish and other items from the sea.  Located between N. Bohrer Street and N 7th Street, FishScale only uses sourced fish in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program.  They purchase their fish daily and make their hamburgers in house every day.  There are no fillers like bread crumbs in their quarter pound burger.

To make things more awesome, they make their condiments with organic ingredients, so they are freshest possible.  All burgers are grilled over natural hardwood when you make your order.

Owner, Brandon, was inspired at a young age by a book “Natural Cures”.  This book made him realize that what we put in our bodies has a direct reflection on our health.  Brandon set out to learn where food was grown and processed and made it a conscious decision to eat food that was not chemically altered.Washington DC Restaurant Photo

Brandon’s mother was a pescatarian so one day he when he was hosting a family cookout he substituted beef with wild caught fish burgers.  She was so impressed she encourage him to attend a culinary school to learn all kinds of cooking skills.  After he graduated, he worked in a couple of upscale restaurants in Washington, DC studying under top chefs.

Brandon’s sister, Kristal, encouraged Brandon to strike out on his own and open FishScale at the Farmers’ Market by the White House.  He received an amazing review in the Washington Post Food Section after only six weeks.  Another review by the Going Out Guide game them rave reviews after two months.

FishScale has over four-stars on the world wide web.  This restaurant should be on your bucket list next time you are in Washington, DC.  Just looking at their menu makes my mouth water!

Washington DC Restaurant HamburgerArlington, VA is only five miles from Washington, DC and that is where Big Buns Dam Good Burgers is located.  Owner, Craig Carey, took a road trip through the united states and saw that every town have a burger joint claiming to have the “best burger” in town.  Each burger he ordered had its own regional influence and he began to wonder why they did not have a variety of burgers.

Craig began to build his vision of a hamburger place with an experienced chef, Tom Racosky.  Big Buns Dam Good Burgers opened in June of 2007 and is now a fixture in the neighborhood.  They opened a second restaurant, Dam Good Burger Co. in 2018 in the Village at Shirlington.

Big Buns Great Burgers takes great care to be sure there is the right meat-to-buns ratio.  They even have a philosophy of the perfect pickle thickness.  They have over eight hundred and fifty positive online posts that garner them four and one-half stars.

Good Stuff Eatery, located between N Eton Court and N 33rd Street, is one of six Good Stuff Eaterys.  Amazingly they have one in Cairo West, Egypt!Washington DC Restaurant Media

The inspiration of Cathy Mendelsohn, Good Stuff Eatery was designed to bring back youthful memories of amazing burger, fries that are handcut, fresh shakes and crisp fresh salads.  They use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients to achieve this.  The first restaurant opened in July of 2008 and they grew from there.

Today, Cathy is the Chief Operating Officer whose experience in the restaurant business is over thirty-five years.  Harvey Mendelsohn serves as the Chief Executive Officer and brings over forty years of corporate financial management.  Michele Mendelsohn Luhn, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, oversees the marketing and communications of their restaurants.  Spike Mendelsohn graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with honors.  He is a celebrity chef who has appears on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, Bravo TV’s Top Chef and The Rachael Ray Show.

With over seven hundred internet reviews, you can be sure you will get one of the most amazing burgers ever!  If you are in Chicago, Crystal City, Georgetown or even the Reagan National Airport, you can experience Fresh Start Eatery without having to travel all the way to Washington, DC.

Washinton DC Hood CleaningWashington, DC Hood Cleaning takes great pride in their hood cleaning business.  They make sure their professional team is staffed with only the finest certified and bonded hood cleaners.  They will come out to your restaurant and give you an estimate to clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system and have your hoods look like new.