Great Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles by LA Hood Cleaning

Los Angeles is a huge city with a lot of competition for restaurants.  One of my favorite type of restaurants is Mexican food.  I have found you either get really good food or they missed the mark completely.  I looked on the internet and came up with three restaurants to learn more about.

Los Angeles CA RestaurantCaCao Mexicatessen is located in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles.  Owned by the Jujan family, they wanted to bring a restaurant, deli and café feeling to their Mexicatessen delicatessen.

CaCao’s chef is Chef Christy Lujan who is a native of Eagle Rock, California.  Youngest of a family of six, she embraced her Mexican-American roots for cooking.  Lujan attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco in 1999. She has worked in kitchens from Hollywood, California to Hawaii.

Her dream of owning her own restaurant was in 2009.  Here kitchen team has a combined one hundred and twelve years of experience with individuals coming here from Salvador to Guatemala.

They have been listed in LA Weekly numerous times over the years and voted as “LA’s Best Western Restaurant” in Zagat Rated twice.  Their reviews online are so positive they have over a four and one-half rating.

Broken Spanish is located downtown Los Angeles.  Headed by Chef Ray Garcia.  A native of Los Angeles, Chef Ray brought a strong Latin influence to his dream restaurant.

Chef Ray graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, he earned a degree in business economics and political science.  He was going to go onto law school but was too drawn to his dream of being a chef.  He eventually graduated from the California School of Culinary Arts and moved onto work in five-star restaurants.Los Angeles California Restaurant

Broken Spanish was named one of the thirty-one best Mexican restaurants in America by Thrillist.  Chef Ray was named of the ten best Mexican Chefs in the United States by Food and Wine.

They have over four hundred positive posts on the web with over a four and one-half star rating.

Talayuda LA Mexican Restaurant is located in East Hollywood.  A tlayuda is best described at a toasted large tortilla that had a spread of black bean puree, tomato, lettuce, onion, Oaxacan chest, avocado that is finished with the meat of your choice or just eat it as a vegan meal.

LA California RestaurantTalayuda LA Mexican Restaurant uses Oaxacan cheese as a main staple in their dishes.  They then build the meal around chile peppers, beans and corn.  One of their popular topping and snacks is called chapulines or toasted grasshoppers that are mixed with garlic, salt and lime juice.

Oaxaca, Mexico is a beautiful isolated long coastline in southwestern Mexico with a tropical terrain in a mountainous area.  This has keep the area preserved where many of the locals can trace their heritage and culture back hundreds of years.

They have been featured in “The Taste of Mexico Culinary Festival”, LA Times, Discover Los Angeles and SMV Magazine.  You too will want to add your positive online review once you have visited this unique restaurant.

When running a restaurant, a good owner/manager understands that their commercial should have a professional hood cleaning done at least once a quarter.  This prevents build-up of grease and dirt that could be a fire hazard.  Many restaurants in the Los Angeles, California area call LA Hood Cleaning to do this messy job.


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